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নির্বাচনি পরীক্ষা-২০২৩ এর রুটিন ও ফি সম্পর্কিত নোটিশ || পবিত্র আখেরী চাহার সোম্বা ও পরীক্ষা পরবর্তী অবকাশ এর নোটিশ

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Welcome to Karnaphuli Public School and College Website. I hope your kind visit to the website will be fruitful to get all information about the Institution. The country needs an educated generation to build up a happy and prosperous nation to bring about a significant change in approaches towards education in the less educated area. KPSC is committed to build a nation with rich moral values through a proper combination of intensive care, supervision and class oriented education approaches Teaching is a challenging profession. I believe a Teacher has much more responsibilities and commitment beyond the class room performance. I hope KPSC will march forward with reputation through the active co-operation amongst Teachers, Students and Parents under the leadership of the Principal with active support from the Directors and people of the area.

Professor Khairuzzaman
Executive Director
BSc (Hons)  MSc ( Physics)
Cell : 01848361376
E-mail: zamanctg68@gmail.com

Happy Birthday to ...[Student]

  • Abdur Rahim Zishan [251001780]
    Class: Ten Section: B

  • Uday Bhattacharjee [251002183]
    Class: Seven Section: A

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